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Aloha Exhibits @ Snowsports Industry America 2016!

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In booth 1270, the guys were busy networking with journalists and giving them the rundown of our patent pending H-Tech board construction. Buyers were quick to provide feedback and overall it was really good! As a new company it’s difficult to break into the industry, but buyers were very happy to see new board shapers on the scene with a product that was original and well thought-out. 

The Aloha van in front of the convention center made a great first impression for attendees coming inside.  

For our booth we decided to keep in the Hawaiian theme and create rich bamboo walls with a lit palm display. The design of the walls and flooring were kept minimal to highlight the snowboard topsheet artwork which immediately drew your eyes to the detailed paint texture on our all-mountain and powder boards.


While Aloha made great contacts and received excellent feedback from industry pros, we also formed relationships with awesome people like Danny @ Gilson boards, another American-made snowboard company that focuses on 3D bases, Jenn @ Coalition, an awesome female-focused board manufacturer and Jason @ C4, a manufacturer of dope eco-friendly belts and accessories. Overall the trip was a success and now we can ramp up for production of the 2016-2017, get busy on refining our 2017-2018 models and look forward to SIA next year!


Ride on!

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