Newbie Advice

We all need it from time to time. If you think you don't, that means that you need it more than most!
This is directed to some of the newbies out there but is also a good refresher to the 'seasoned' snowboarders. You may also need to remember what it was like to be the new guy on the slopes. 

Here's to all of us getting along on the slopes.
In no particular order, remember them all.

1) Don't stop in the middle of the trail. 

You WILL get the stink eye, occasional blast of expletives hurled your way or a fantastic snow spray.
Not because they don't like you. But because, DUDE! You stopped in the middle of the trail!
Seriously though - if you happen to fall (and you WILL). Don't just sit there GTFU!

2) Make sure that you know how to get off a lift

Read up on your tutorials. Or better yet, have an INSTRUCTOR teach you.
And remember this rule of thumb: goofy riders to the left, regular footers to the right. Skiers in the middle.
Don't make them stop the lift, get out of the way. FAST.

3) If you're waiting to go off a kicker...

WAIT until you see the dude shred away on the other side. FAR from where you will be landing.

4) Right of way

There are plenty of other shredders & skiers out there. Be aware of who is coming down behind you and who is in front.
Anyone downhill has right of way over you. If you crash into someone lower down than you, it’s your fault.
Equally, you have right of way over anyone uphill of you. If you are thinking of crossing over the piste to one side or another, worth checking behind you first, just as you would if you were pulling across three lanes of traffic.

5) Learn how to fall

You will be falling A LOT. And, yes, there is a trick to falling safely. You may or may not have time to adjust, just keep it in mind. Oh, and get yourselves a good pair of gloves ( No need to empty your bank account (save that for the passes). Not cool having frozen hands - high 5s hurt and you can't properly hold your beer.

There ya have it. Shred on people!