Off Season Boarding & Good Times Around the World

Thought you'd seen it all? Well, here are some places that you may not be aware of.
Some of the longest indoor snow slopes in the world and other crazy fun stuff!

Here goes:

1) Snowhall - Amneville, France

Ah oui, alors! J'y suis! 

Loose translation: Ya bro! I'm there!
Opened in 2005, the slope is 2030 ft long and 114 ft wide. 260 ft altitude difference. Originally built in an old coal tip for professional training, it's now a year-round indoor resort for tourists and snow enthusiasts.

2) Snowworld - Landgraaf, Holland

114,829 square ft., SnowWorld’s longest run comes in at 1706 ft. long, 82 ft. wide.
Tons of pipes & rails like an A-Frame, jibball, dubblekink, streetrail, flatdown, kicker and more.
Want to try something different? Check out the Alpine Coaster, climbing park, and top yourself off with fondue & beer. 

Oh yeah!

3) Snoras Snow Arena - Druskininkai, Lithuania

Opened in August 2011, the SNORAS Snow Arena has an indoor and outdoor track.1476 ft. long and 164 ft. wide main run. Want a fun break? Go for the snow tubing.

4) Snej - Moscow, Russia

Сноу-парк (pretty sure this means 'snowboarding' in Russian).
1312 ft. long and 196 ft. wide, built in 2007. Between rides, enjoy some down time in the jacuzzi, sauna, firing range or various bars and restaurants. Russian style good times!

5) Ski Dubai - Dubai, United Arab Emirate

Opened in 2005, enjoy a 1312 ft. long and 262 ft. wide slope.

The only place in the world where you can go camel riding, snowboarding, zip lining, shopping, laying out on a beach and snow toboggan - all IN THE SAME DAY! Don't forget to take in the penguins.

6) Sayama Ski Resort - Sayama, Japan

If you want down and dirty, this is it! Not too many frills to this one. Dope rails, 1049 ft. long and 98 ft. wide slope. However, it is open 24 HOURS a day. Imagine that - 3am rail ride. Whew!

7) Snowdome Bisbingen - Bisbingen, Germany

Enough to accommodate your party for indoor & outdoor riding. Their indoor slope is 984 ft. long and 328 ft. wide. Also enjoy their outdoor skate ramp and slack rope. If you can handle it.

If you're ever in those parts of the world, check 'em out.
Been there? We want to hear from you! Drop us some comments & pics!
There ya have it. Ride on.