Snow this winter in California?

Snow this winter in California... FINALLY!

Alright, we all know last snowboarding season in California was way too short. However, there is potentially good news on the way and we may finally catch a break!

Our state is desperate for relief from a four-year drought. According to NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) the outlook for the 2015/16 USA winter season - specifically for December, January, and February, are that storms will drench the state this winter. Does this mean more snow in the mountains for us snowboarders? We sure hope so! 

As Pacific Ocean temperatures continue to warm and trade winds shift, federal scientists say that the El Nino weather event that’s emerging could be one of the strongest on record. 

So let’s get fired up for this upcoming strong El Nino winter! 

There ya have it. Ride on!