Wondering what to do with a trashed snowboard?

Have a trashed snowboard lying around that you don't want to get rid of?
5 awesome things you can do with trashed boards a drill and some glue.
We promise to keep it easy.

1) Snowboard Shotski
Give it a go! 3-4 other people will thank you and help you keep the party goin'...


2) Snowboard Petfeeder
Get Fido in on the action. Much better than the toilet bowl.


3) Cornhole Game
Good times! No bean bags? No problem.
I'm sure you have some rolled up socks laying under your bed.


4) Balance Board
Ok, this is definitely more difficult but does NOT require a drill. Only an old board and at least a 5" diameter PVC piping. More difficult because it will require you to get your body moving and strengthen your core muscles. It's all good though! This will help you gear up for awesome rides. You'll rip it up with your new found balance!



There ya have it. 

Shred on.